About Us

Who we are?

Agata Lignum is a co-operation between one of the largest retailer in Poland, Agata S.A. and Lignum Development,  a Hong Kong company that has been working in the furniture industry for the past 15 years. 

Agata S.A. was formed in 1952 and now owns and operates 32 retail furniture and home accessories shops in Poland.  The combined total retail space is more than 750,000 m², not including central and localized warehousing facilities.  Agata S.A. works with more than 700 different suppliers from Europe and Asia.

Lignum Development started operating in year  2005.  It was set up to help European suppliers acquire new retailers in the middle-east and Asia Pacific region.  It works with suppliers from Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Russia, Portugal  and all the suppliers working together with Agata S.A.  It draws on the stock of Agata S.A. and also directly from non-Agata S.A. suppliers.  It has customers in the middle-east, India, China and south-east Asia.

Agata Lignum was established in 2018 in Hong Kong to better streamline the internal processes between the 2 locations.  Agata Lignum maintains a training center in Dongguan – China (600 m² training center with an on-site warehouse), for the introduction of products from the various suppliers and also for training for staff members from retailers.

Products which can be found in Dongguan includes:

  • Upholstered goods (sofas, sofabeds and boxspring beds),
  • Recliner chairs,
  • PC / PP tables and chairs,
  • Panel based and solid wood furniture for the living, dining and bedroom areas
  • Bedding accessories (mattresses, toppers, bed slats, pillows and duvets


The aim of Agata Lignum is to provide a platform for the conduct of international furniture trade for small and medium size enterprises.

To achieve our aim, we actively recruit local retailers for both “off-line” and “on-line” sales retailers. 

The retailers operate under their own brand names and Agata Lignum authorizes the sale of  suppliers’  products using suppliers’ names.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Agata Lignum seeks to become the world’s most efficient retail furniture sourcing platform.

Vision: Agata Lignum seeks to create a resource pool to enable common PROFIT

Values: Successful partnerships through reciprocity